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MVHR North Devon

Earth Inspired work on newbuild projects, with both individuals and property developers, to install full gas and plumbing systems as well as MVHR in North Devon. Our comprehensive services include all the groundwork and preparation for major system installations, plus planning and project management. We can help individuals with stand-alone projects or work with local authorities and developers to install for multiple properties. All work is carried out to exacting standards from start to finish. Call us today on 07540 183196.

Choose Our Gas Engineers

You must use a Gas Safe registered engineer for new gas installations, to install the system, connect it to the mains and provide legal certifications. Earth Inspired has all the credentials to carry out all major gas line and boiler installations. By choosing our gas engineers for your new build project, you get:

MVHR Systems

Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems keep a clean and clear atmosphere in your home while also circulating warm air to reduce heating bills. This innovative system is very sophisticated. It can detect and extract unwanted moisture from humid air common in areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. Then, the warm air passes through a heat exchanger, which uses it to heat the fresh dry air drawn in from outside. Thus, helping to prevent condensation and damp developing in your home, while retaining as much as 90% of the extracted heat. This highly energy-efficient ventilation system can be installed in existing properties as well as newbuilds. So, if you are looking to install, or repair, an MVHR system, then contact us for a no-obligation discussion and price estimate.

Renewable Energy

Earth Inspired are passionate about the environment, as a result we are able to supply and install a range of renewable energy solutions for your home or business. Solar panels for example, are rapidly growing in popularity and can save you a lot of money on your household bills too. We also install heat pumps, which are resourceful for recycling the warmth in the air and the ground to economically maintain a comfortable temperature in your home or premises. So, contact us to discuss renewable energy options for your home or business and start saving money, and the environment today.

New Build Contractors

We are the new build contractors of choice for plumbing and gas services for new home developments in North Devon. We can work with home-owners, local authorities and new home property developers, on:

Contact Earth Inspired

Whether you are looking for underfloor heating, central heating installations or MVHR in North Devon, contact Earth Inspired today to work on your new build projects. Our experienced and talented plumbers and engineers are ready to bring your plans to fruition.

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