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School Plumbing Services

As a leading provider of commercial plumbing in North Devon, we offer specialised school plumbing services to educational establishments. We are committed to providing high quality plumbing work for schools with precision and efficiency.

Education Plumbing Services

At Earth Inspired, our commercial team specialises in catering to the unique needs of educational establishments. We understand the specific requirements and regulations associated with working in school environments, making us the trusted choice for school plumbing services. 

School Plumbers

At Earth Inspired, we have experience dealing with various water and plumbing issues within educational buildings. In addition to dealing with water supply issues, we have also helped repair leaking and burst pipes. As well as that, we have also installed new school bathrooms and showers. If your school is facing any water issues or needs repairs quickly, our plumbers are highly qualified, experienced, and waiting for your call.

Science Labs & Food Technology Departments

We conduct water circuitry tests in science labs and food technology departments, ensuring that all pipes, facets, and safety features are working correctly. We prioritise the safety of students and staff by verifying that all water inlets and outlets are safe and properly sealed.

Heating System Plumbing Installations & Maintenance

We install and maintain effective boiler and heating systems within educational establishments, also providing servicing and maintenance services to keep them running smoothly. Maintenance includes safety testing school kitchens to ensure they comply with guidelines.

Legionella Management

In collaboration with Legionella contractors, we address Legionella risks within commercial premises. This is a legal requirement for all commercial establishments, including schools. To that end, preventive maintenance includes inspections of hot water cylinders and other measures to eliminate the risk of Legionella outbreaks and ensure that your school is a safe environment.

Contact Us For School Plumbing Services

For reliable and professional commercial plumbing tailored to the unique requirements of schools, contact us today. We are dedicated to ensuring the safety and efficiency of plumbing and heating systems in educational establishments.

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